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  • Zach

    Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Jiu-Jitsu

    Owner/Trainer Certified Fitness Trainer Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition Certified Fitness Therapist Certified Elite Trainer

  • Josh

    Personal Trainer

    Over the last three year Josh has dedicated his life to becoming one with his body and learning how to properly take care of himself while being able to help others. He dedicates his time to be an amazing personal trainer. He wants to share his passion with others. For him, its all about seeing that person go from unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy well informed and positive person. Knowing that they can carry on in life feeling better about themselves and hopefully passing that knowledge onto others. Creating a positive chain reaction in the world of fitness. "Its never to late to make a positive change in your life"

  • Jen

    Diet Coach, Trainer, Fitness Model

    My name is Jen Heward or some call me "Hunny Buns Fit" because of my roll on social media! I was raised in Northern California most my life. I have always loved being active in sports and helping others. For almost 8 years now her and her fiancé Zach Striplin are owners of Life Altering Fitness in Auburn, CA. Her business and educational background has instilled in her the patience and the understanding to work with individuals in today's ever evolving fitness industry. She is passionate about the community and working with people to develop the skills to build a happy and healthy lifestyle. Jen is a certified sports nutritionist, instructor and trainer. She is active in fitness modeling and events all over the US. She has competed in the past in NPC Bikini competitions and other bikini competitions. Not only does she own her own Nutrishop Supplement Store with Zach, she is developing her own supplement line designed for weight loss and muscle gain! She also owns her own fitness clothing line HBF Collection! Jen is ever learning and growing to bring more to LAF and its members. She has made tremendous success in her fitness journey that she wants to focus her over flowing positive energy and knowledge into helping others in their fitness journey as well! Exercise, nutrition and determination are the keys to success!

  • Felipe

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Coach

  • Lindsey

    Personal Trainer, LAF Bootcamp Coach

    My name is Lindsey Martinez, I am from Colfax, California, and I have been with Life Altering Fitness, Inc. for almost six months now. I currently hold a certification in Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise, and a First Aid/CPR/AED certification through the Red Cross. I am presently a senior in a bachelor’s program at American Public University where I am also a member of the school’s honors society. At the end of the year 2017 I will have earned a BS in Sports, Health, and Exercise Sciences. I have been on my own fitness journey for ten years now, starting with a walking regime that grew into distance running and finally turned into a love for lifting. My personal fitness goal is all about being healthy and warding off detrimental health issues while building and maintaining strength and confidence. As I trainer, I hope to inspire people to do the same by educating, guiding, and leading by example. I ultimately hope to help people prevent and treat diseases through exercise, but I am often heard telling people that I just want to spread health and wellness across the land as I truly feel as if it is my purpose.

  • Melissa

    Nutrishop Supplement Expert, LAF Staff

    My name is Melissa Clark. I was born and raised in Auburn, California. I started into the fitness industry when I was 14. My dad being a cop, had to be on point with this conditioning, so he started showing me the ropes. I have been at Life Altering Fitness for about a year now. Im currently studying for my personal training certification through NASM. My personal goals have always been to be the best me that I can be. Create not only a strong body, but a a strong mind and set of values. I am feel strongly about working a job you're passionate about. Because I have always loved helping people I decided to combine the two! I want to lead by by example and show others they can achieve what they believed wasn't possible! I found my purpose and what to share that with others!

  • Hayden

    Nutrishop Supplement Expert

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Today at Life Altering Fitness we are having our MMA Class at 5:30 and our Muay Thai kickboxing class at 6:30! Here at Life Altering Fitness we want you to feel comfortable in our classes so you do not need to worry about having a high skill set. Our amazing MMA and Muay Thai coach is Zach Striplin, him and our students will work with you accommodate to your level! We hope to see you today at 5:30!


4035 Grass Valley Hwy., Suite H, Auburn, CA 95602 right next the the Beach Hut Deli

23 hours ago

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If you've ever wanted to try Muay Thai/Kickboxing come by tonight at 6 and join us! It doesn't matter if you're inexperienced or don't have the equipment we have individuals from all ages and levels as well as educated teachers to help you with every step as well as all the equipment you need!

If you have any questions give us a call at 530-885-2600
4035 Grass Valley Hwy Suite H

6 days ago

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Today at Life Altering Fitness, we are having our Gi Brazilian Ju Jitsu class at 6:00pm! If you don't have a Gi that is no problem! You will still be coached by our amazing Brazilian Ju Jitsu coach Felipe Bragiao! If you are just starting out or you have a great skill level in our class, it doesn't matter! We will accommodate to your skill level and work with you step by step! Hope to see you at 6!


4035 Grass Valley Hwy., Suite H, Auburn, CA 95602 Right next to the Beach Hut Deli

7 days ago

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Today at Life Altering Fitness we are having the MMA class at 5:30pm and the Muay Thai kickboxing class at 6:30. We accommodate to everyones skill level, even if it's your first class! So please stop by and come try our classes. We also are your local Nutrishop, so come and browse our shop for some supplements!


4035 Grass Valley Hwy., Suite H, Auburn, CA 95602 right next to the Beach Hut Deli

1 week ago

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